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Shopping in Kodaikanal: Located at the longitude of 77.5 and latitude of 10.2 in the Palani hill range under the administrative control of Dindigul district in the state of Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal is one of the most beautiful hill stations of the country. The hill station of Kodaikanal is a place worth visiting and caters to all kinds of tourists coming with different purposes such as honeymoon, family tour or for adventure holidays, etc. No matter what is the purpose of your visit and from where you are coming from, one thing which is common to all is shopping. We all like to take some souvenirs back home. Some of the popular items specific of the destination you are visiting always make some space in the bags back home.

The hill station has enough of crafts shops and emporiums for Handicrafts. Visiting Kashmir Handicrafts centre which is located in Anna Salai will present you with varied kinds of intricately designed shawls, Jewellery, Brass, Leather items, Bone and Walnut wood articles. Other popular places to go for shopping for handicrafts are the Khadi Emporium, Handloom Co-operative Stores and Government Sales Emporium.

There are many crafts shops as well. Two of the craft shops have been run by Coordinating Council for Social Concerns (Corsock), a voluntary organisation.  At these craft shops, the good are made by the disadvantaged groups. 80% of the purchase price of the products goes back to them.  One shop, the Cottage Crafts Shop is located at Anna Salai and another branch is located on the PT Rd.

The homemade chocolates, marshmallows and cheese made by locals in Kodaikanal are sure to attract you. Their mouth-watering taste and excellent quality adds on to their uniqueness. Bakeshops in Kodaikanal are sure to pamper your palate in the best way possible.

Various kinds of aromatherapy products like Eucalyptus oils, herbs and other natural products also make for interesting gifts to take back home. The hill station of Kodaikanal has everything one might need during his/her Kodaikanal tours. From safety pins to sweater to exclusively shawls, you will be able to find almost everything of your interest.

There is also a Potter’s Shed which offers fine quality ceramics. On the roadside, you will find some small stalls which are managed by Tibetans present tourists with warm clothing like shawls and other warm clothing which are at reasonable pricing as well.

Kodaikanal tour from Holidays DNA offers tourists with umpteen numbers of tourist spots such as Berijam Lake, Coaker’s Walk, Kurinjiandavar Temple, Kodaikanal Lake, Green Valley View, Silent Valley View, Devil's Kitchen, Guna Caves, Pine Forest, Shanthi Valley, Silver Cascade, Telescope House, Kukal Cave and Shenbaganur Museum, etc. The options for outdoor activities in Kodaikanal are also many. From cycling to walks to trekking to boating to horse riding to bird watching, tourists have wide range to choose from in Kodaikanal.

Top Tourism Places to visit in Kodaikanal